Bain Hydratation Douceur - Format Voyage

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Convient aux types 2A à 4C

Sans sulfate, paraben, silicone et huile minérale

Définit, rehausse et donne du rebond aux boucles

Hydrate les fibres sans alourdir

The softness hydration of the Curl Manifesto range is a soft and moisturizing sulfate and silicone bath. Suitable for wandering, curly, very curly to frizzy hair, this bath cleanses the scalp and hair gently. Il permeates the loops of vital hydration without weighing them down in order to enhance the volume and the look of the hair of the hair . Its formula is designed to optimize and enhance natural curls, for a fully assumed curly look! Its creamy texture and its delicious smell will seduce you! a small quantity is necessary to give your hair the desired result.


- Suitable for vagued, curly, very curly and frizzy hair (types 2a to 4c)
- Suitable for children
- Defines, enhances and gives rebounds to the loops
- Cleans gently
- Hydrates the fibers without weighing down
- Raise the volume of hair
- Preserves natural oils and Promotes a healthy scalp environment to allow hair growth
- enhance the sparkle of the loops
- Sulfate without sulfate, paraben, silicone-free and mineral oil

user manual

Step 1: wet the hair then carefully eliminate excess water.
Step 2: Apply an equivalent amount to The size of a 25 shampoo sous and distribute on 5 key areas of the hair.
Step 3: Add water and emulsify.
Step 4: Concentrate this first washing on the scalp using the end Fingers to massage the scalp and gently remove impurities.
Step 5: rinse abundantly.
Step 6: Apply a second amount of shampoo and add water. The second foam will produce a more abundant foam that will help clean the lengths up to the ends.
Step 7: rinse abundantly.

key ingredients

Curl Manifesto presents an expert formulation, combining science and luxury with ceramide and precious manuka honey.
Ceramide is A patented ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, which fills cracks and strengthens fragile hair from the inside, thus improving the capacity of hair to retain vital humidity. Manuka honey is a powerful natural honey from New Zealand, ultra-chew in micronutrients which provides a revival of hydration and restores shine.

The Bath hydration is sulfate-free, paraben without Silicone and mineral oil.

Format: 80ml


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