Bain Extentioniste - 500ml

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Stimule la croissance des cheveux

Protège la fibre

Extensionist bath is a fortifying shampoo and a fortifying hair treatment that stimulates the growth of a strong hair from the root. It helps hair push in length, but also to strengthen the hair. This shampoo is suitable for refined and brittle hair and will repair and protect the fiber. The hair is perfectly cleaned and has the ideal environment for reaching the desired length.

raised hair and more likely to break are reinforced with this fortifying treatment For hair. The internal structure of the hair will be rebuilt and sealed to provide better protection to the hair, throughout its growth.


- Stimulates hair growth from the root
- Fortifies existing hair
- Encourages beautiful lengths
- Protects fiber

user manual

Step 1 : Apply an equivalent amount to the size of a 25 sous on wet hair.
Step 2 : Mush by massaging the hair
Step 3 : rinse well
Step 4 : Apply Extension fondant to strengthen hair growth

key ingredients

- creatine, an amino acid which penetrates deeply to strengthen the internal structure of hair fiber
- ceramide which repairs the surface of the hair, producing superb hair , smooth and softened
- Taurine, an amino-acid with protective effect on hair fiber which guarantees the scalp a visibly healthy and stimulated environment.

Format: 500ml


Étape 1 : Appliquer une quantité équivalente à la grosseur d'un 25 sous sur les cheveux mouillés.

Étape 2 : Faire mousser en massant les cheveux

Étape 3 : Bien rincer

Étape 4 : Appliquer Fondant Extentioniste pour renforcer la pousse des cheveux


- Stimule la croissance des cheveux depuis la racine

- Fortifie les cheveux existants

- Encourage les belles longueurs

- Protège la fibre


- De la créatine, un amino-acide qui pénètre profondément pour renforcer la structure interne de la fibre capillaire

- De la céramide qui répare la surface des cheveux, produisant des cheveux superbes, lisses et adoucis

- De la taurine, un amino-acide à effet protecteur sur la fibre capillaire qui garantit au cuir chevelu un environnement visiblement sain et stimulé.


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