care sculpture & quot; V & quot; - Swiss Line

This architectural treatment will meet the requirements of mature skin looking for the best results. It redraws and redefines the volumes of the face, neck and neckline with a particular action on the contours for a perfect face of & quot; V & quot;. It gives the esthetician the possibility of sculpt the areas which require to be drained and slimped and, at the same time, to keep density with desired areas and reshape them.

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This treatment is for you if you want to redefine and redraw the contours of your face.

Lifting Cure Care - Swiss Line

This treatment includes a & quot; Virtual mask & quot; which helps active to better penetrate the skin of the face and eye area. By stimulating cell renewal and regeneration, this effective treatment is indicated before or after an aesthetic procedure, because it strengthens the skin and helps its natural repair.

for a global regeneration and optimal repair.

purity care - swiss line

This treatment targets impurities and the excess sebum. The Peel-Off Detox mask contains a high concentration of active coal and an ivy extract to detoxify the skin while calming redness and irritation. The treatment ends with an oil -free moisturizer which brings water to the skin and controls the excess sebum on the surface.

This treatment will control The excess sebum, will remove the impurities and tighten the dilated pores.

Lightening care - Swiss Line

This lightening treatment begins with a thorough cleaning and exfoliation which helps to blur the unequal coloring of the skin.

of powerful lightening and anti-aging active helps to treat and prevent the ' ; hyperpigmentation for unparalleled sparkle and toned skin

if you have problems with hyperpigmentation, unequal coloring of your skin or if it has been damaged By the sun, this is the care you need!

Ultimate collagen care - Swiss Line

Make up and strengthen your skin with this stimulating collagen treatment. This unique collagen mask for the face and neck, enriched with high concentrations of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, helps the skin to retain better water, gives it a volume effect and firms it. < /p>

This treatment is excellent to counter the signs of age such as fine lines, fine lines and lack of firmness.

Hydra -oxygen care - Swiss Line

This treatment is a hydration for dry, dehydrated and tugging skin. It fights against signs of fatigue on the skin and is perfect for large travelers. Its moisturizing action is spectacular and it prevents cell fatigue. The skin, rid of its dead cells, seems to be plumped up and the fine lines are faded. After this treatment, the skin has a fresh, renewed and hydrated appearance while displaying a clear and radiant complexion.

soothing care - swiss line

This treatment is an anti-stress session for sensitive skin! Specially designed for reactive skin, which can also have erythrosis and hypersensitivity, this treatment blurred redness and dilated blood capillaries. The skin becomes fresh, clear and soothed.

for redness and reactive skin.