Effective treatment for men and women!

Hair loss is a problem that is much more common than you think! This problem is more apparent in men due to short hair, but it is also very present in women. Did you know that 88% of women are facing hair loss and that 40% of them are under 35 years old? As for men, they will do everything in the face of the loss or refinement of hair at one time or another of their lives. If you face this problem, don't worry, you are not alone!

As it is a problem that affects the majority of people, we have taken the time to analyze it well and find an effective and lasting treatment plan! The plan includes 7 hair regeneration treatments in the living room with the Fotona laser and 4 kerastase products for daily maintenance at home.

for the purchase of the full cure, the 4 products 'A value of $ 246 to $ 261 are offered for free!

The hair restoration treatment, how does it work?

The hair restoration treatment consists in going to increase blood influx in the scalp and by the same fact stimulating cellular metabolism resulting in hair growth.

the fotona is an extremely laser device versatile. It is thanks to this device that our specialist in aesthetic technology can perform the 7 treatments included in the cure!

Here is a video that demonstrates the treatment!

results that speak for themselves!

After many customers and customers satisfied, the results of the hair regeneration treatment with the Fotona laser are incomparable.

See here the transformation of a client who carried out the complete cure of 7 treatments in addition to using Kérastase Maintenance products at home.

Professional and personalized service!

At Parikart Signature, you are entitled to a free consultation with our specialists at all times. It is important for us that you have confidence in the person in charge of your treatments. The aesthetic technology specialist will take the time it takes to explain the different treatments offered. She will determine with you the treatment you need!

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20% discount on the treatment plan!

Our treatment plan contains 7 treatments in living room worth $ 150 per treatment, as well as kerastase products to do daily maintenance following treatments.

For a limited time, we offer you the 4 products for free! Among these, you will receive a bath, a fondant or a styling product, an intensive bulb treatment and a soothing Fusio-Scrub. The first 3 products will be used to strengthen hair and limit the loss on a daily basis. As for Fusio-Scrub, it will clean your scalp in depth to allow laser treatment and bulb treatment to be more effective!

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