Are you looking for a hairdresser who will understand you well and meet your expectations? Do not look anymore, it is at Parikart Signature!


The signing in hairstyle is most intimate and personalized. Our hairdressers who each combine more than 20 years of experience will take the time to consult to determine your needs and understand your requests. Of course, the hair massage is included during washing your hair. The hairdressers use Living Proof , a Extremely efficient brand that is loved by our customers. If you want to find a living room where the atmosphere is calm and warm, it is at Parikart Signature that you should go. No matter your need, we will make sure you are fully satisfied with the result obtained!

Call us at 418-839-2555 to make an appointment.

The living room

The Signature Salon de Parikart is located at the head of the bridges in St-Romuald (Lévis). This center offers you an exclusive and distinctive experience and concept in the offer of its products and services. We are the only point of sale of the luxurious swiss line aesthetic range, without forgetting that we have kerastase and living proof products in our tablets on the hairstyle side. In addition to hairstyle, aesthetics and aesthetic technologies, you will find the aesthetic medicine services as well as the relaxation packages at Parikart Signature. Come and experience the signature experience for yourself.

Call us at 418-839-2555 to make an appointment.