2022/May: Winner in the entrepreneurship category to the prestigious Mercuriades Gala

Parikart is proud to be the first company in the field of hairdressing and aesthetics to win a mercury in the history of the competition in addition to having won the entrepreneurship prize, Who is the most popular category of the evening!

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2022/May: Parikart wins the Kérastase Circle of Excellence Award


As part of the Kérastase excellence gala bringing together all Kérastase retailers, Parikart is proud to have won the Circle of Excellence Award, a prize given to the Kérastase retailer offering the most complete customer experience!

2021/October : Winner in the retail and e-commerce category at the loyalty gala

Finalist in the category alongside furniture Tanguay, Yoga Fitness and Novaxis Solutions , Parikart is honored to be recognized by the CCIQ and to be among these big companies.

2021/October : company of the year and winner in the category the performing (small business) at the gala des Pleiades

Parikart is more than proud to have left the Gala of the Chamber of Commerce of Lévis with not one, but two prizes. First, the efficient (small company) which is awarded to a company de noise of 25 employees having experienced remarkable growth. Then, the company price of the year. It is a real progress for the field of beauty.

2021/June - Parikart wins the prize for Kérastase Platinum Service Award

Kérastase has set up the Gala of Excellence Kérastase Salon Award , which aims to congratulate its retailers who stand out. It is with very great pride that we won the prize for the best customer experience and the best living and online advice.

2020/September - Winner at Pléiades in the Retail services and retail business


It was with great pride that Parikart was the first company in the field of beauty to win a prize for excellence at the Pleiades Gala. This success represents a lot for us and for the field, since our objective is to have the field of beauty recognized for what it is.

Kérastase Platinum Service Award

If you have already ordered from Parikart or if you have already come to the living room, you know that the customer experience is extraordinary and that the customer is at the heart of our priorities. But did you know that we officially have the best customer experience for the Kérastase range in Canada?

during the Kérastase Salon Awards which took place on June 1, Parikart won the Kérastase Platinum Service Award 2020, given Salon offering the best customer experience and the best advice among all Kérastase retailers in the country.

Shop at Parikart, it starts with personalized advice 7 days a week. In order to live the optimal experience and be fully satisfied with your choices, it is essential to ask our professionals who can target your needs . Parikart is also to navigate an easy to use, clear and fast site. At all times, we offer a minimum of 2 samples per order to allow our customers to discover our different products. On average, your order starts from our warehouse in less than 24 working hours, and it arrives at your house in less than 72 hours working. However, the customer experience does not end there! It is important for us that our customers know that we are always available to answer their questions and their requests even after their purchase.

is easy for everyone to say "we are the best" . On our side, we let our actions speak for themselves. This is a great pride for our team to be recognized by Kérastase as the fair offering the best customer experience in the country, and we will continue to prove it to you with each of your experiences with us!

Winner at the Pléiades 2020 gala

In September 2020, Parikart was the first company in the Domaine de la Beauté to win a prize in Pléiades, the Gala of Excellence in the Lévis Chamber of Commerce. We were recipient in the "Retail and retail business" category as the company that had the most distinguished in the region for the year 2019.

This year, we are proud to be nominated in the category "Le Business, Small Entreprise". The remarkable growth of the company in 2020 allowed us to be a finalist for the Gala which will be held in October 2021. If we can be in this category, it is undoubtedly thanks to our extraordinary customers. We are proud to have a loyal clientele who has accompanied us and has been supporting us for more than 27 years now. The pandemic will have been an opportunity for us to extend our horizons and to make known our unusual customer service everywhere in the province. Many people joined the big Parikart family in the past year and we are sincerely grateful for each of you.

Prix Distinction Concept JP

In December 2020, we received the 2020 JP concept in the Prestige class for engagement, loyalty of more than 10 years and business volume. This distinction of JP concept has demonstrated our commitment to the brand for over 10 years already. It is, among other things, thanks to our faithful customers and their love for their products that we can stand out in our own way. It is important for us to always advise our customers well and to educate them on the various products, which certainly participates in the enthusiasm around the JP concept proposals, such as the Hot Tools-Séchoir brush and Redken products.

Double winner at the Gala des Pléiades 2021

Parikart is happy to have taken a big step for the whole field of beauty by winning the price of company of the year at the Pleiades Gala of the Chamber of Commerce of Lévis , October 15. The company has also won the the performing price (small business) awarded to a company deducted from 25 employees who experienced remarkable growth. Not only were these two prizes won by a company led by two women, but recognizes the place of the field in the business community.

These two gratudes mean much more than congratulating the performance of the company. It is a real progress for the field: “When you are in business in the field of beauty, people doubt and do not take you seriously. Thanks to those who did not believe in us. It pushed us to do even better. We share these prices with all companies in the field of beauty. This is a nice step forward, "proudly announces Sylvie Picard, co -owner of the company.

retail and e-commerce price at the Fidéids Gala 2021

Parikart has stood out among the 3,800 members formed by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIQ) by winning the prize in the retail and e-commerce category during the fidel gala.

finalist in the category alongside furnishings Tanguay, Yoga fitness and Novaxis Solutions , Parikart is honored to be recognized by the CCIQ and to meet Among these large companies. “We worked hard to find ourselves where we are now. We launched the online store in 2017 and we managed to keep the course despite the pandemic. In 2020, we increased our online turnover by 1787%. It's a lot of work, but we have a wonderful team that keeps growing up and we are greatly grateful, ”shares Jean-Sébastien, marketing director for the company.

Entrepreneurship Prize at the Mercuriades Gala 2022