A manicure is useful for improving the texture and health of your nails and the skin of your hands, while giving them a polite and perfect appearance. During a manicure, your skin is exfoliated and rehydrated with a good massage, your nails are reshaped, the cuticles are pushed and cut. The nails can also be painted with an ordinary varnish or a glossy gel.


The feet are one of the parts of our body that we use the most, but which we take the least care. The pedicures are a great way to take care of them, their beauty appearance and their comfort. A good pedicure will leave your feet hydrated and healthy. All the pedicures begin with an exfoliation of the foot and the ankle. Then, we continue with nails care such as cutting the nail by giving it an equal shape, pushing/cutting the cuticle if necessary, file the foot to eliminate dead and damaged skins and always ends with a good massage to improve blood circulation.