A manicure is useful for am & éacute; From your nails and the skin of your hands, while giving them a polite and perfect appearance. During a manicure, your skin is exfoliated and eacut; eacute with a good massage, your nails are remodel & acute, the cuticles are chicks and strokes. The nails can also be painted with an ordinary varnish or a gel lustr ´

P & Eacute; Dicure

The feet are one of the parts of our body that we use the most, but which we take the least care. Dicuons are an excellent means of occupying them, their beauty appearance; and their comfort. A good p & eacute will leave your feet hydrat & acute; All the dictates begin with an exfoliation of the foot and the ankle. Then, we continue with nail care such as cutting the nail by giving it a shape, pushing/cutting the cuticle so n & éacute; And always ends with a good massage for am & eacute;

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