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The various treatments
With the Fotona

- Happy restoration
- Intra-oral firming
- Hotsculpting and Tightsculpting
- Treatment for acne
- Veinotherapy treatment
- LIFTING Sans surgery
- Laser peel
- Treatment of varicose veins
- Laser hair removal
- Treatment of snoring

Testimony of Sophie, client at Parikart Signature

" Learning with rosacea since the age of 30, I have tried several types of treatments with little success. Recently, I tried a Fotona treatment at Parikart Signature. The professionalism, reception and great skill of the technician immediately made me comfortable and confidence . I was pleasantly surprised after only a treatment! I observe a significant decrease in redness and a big difference on the texture of my skin. I am highly satisfied with my experience at Parikart Signature, which has not only improved the appearance of my skin but also my esteem of myself . »

l ' the most efficient device on the market

With more than 50 years of experience in laser technology, the Fotona's range of aesthetic lasers advances the sector by offering new levels of innovation and performance. Fotona is recognized as a world leader in aesthetic applications and technologies, working closely with the best universities and medical research centers around the world.

The solution to your skin problems and much more!

In addition to being efficient, the Fotona is an extremely versatile device. Thanks to its multiple parameters, it is possible to make a wide variety of treatments to meet various needs.

of treatment against the treatment of rosacea through the firming, the X27; Fotona device allows many treatments to be done.

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Happy regeneration treatment

The hair restoration treatment consists in going to increase the blood flow at the scalp and by the same fact stimulating cellular metabolism resulting in hair growth . The causes of hair loss are different in women and in man. On the other hand, we generally speak of hereditary causes, stress or hormonal reasons . The duration of treatment is d ' approximately 30 minutes for a cure of 3 to 6 treatments at 2 weeks. = "Hair restoration"> Learn more

Intra-oral treatment

The Fotona intra-oral firming treatment is completely unique. It was designed for visibly blurring the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. The intra-oral treatment of the Fotona is an excellent alternative to injections since the results are very similar!

This non-ablative treatment and painless To heat the interior of your mouth to stimulate the production of collagen. Your face will instantly present an improvement in terms of tone and elasticity of your skin in addition to repully effect !

Tightsculpting treatment | Hotsculpting

The treatment of tightculpting of the Fotona laser (also called hotsculpting) is a treatment aimed at eliminating adipose cells (fat) and subsequently firm the skin.

The first step of treatment is simply to heat the adipose tissues to create the apoptosis (death) of adipose cells. This step is a duration of about 15 minutes. The second step serves firm the skin and give it elasticity at the treated place. You will notice a rejuvenation of the skin tissue thanks to the neofformation of collagen and elastic fibers.

Treatment of laser acne

The treatment of the Fotona laser acne is a revolutionary treatment which will completely disappear the acne and the scars of acne after a few treatments!

Infections of inflammatory acne increase blood flow in the affected area. As the laser captures the pigment of blood flows, the energy of it will be very well absorbed! The Fotona laser penetrates the skin safely at an optimal treatment depth to thermally and selectively destroying the sebaceous glands at excessive activity. In general, the inflammatory acne will weaken in 1 or 2 days!

Veinotherapy treatment

The treatment of fotona laser veinotherapy is a vascular treatment which consists in eliminating redness both in the face and body. As you can see in the video, the laser heat will have the redness on your skin, which will then be eliminated naturally by the organism.

This treatment, is coagulated. Extremely appreciated by our customers since it is effective and precise. Do not hesitate to come to the living room to learn more during your free consultation!

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