In the field for more than 25 years, Parikart stands out for its exceptional service, its quality products and talents that we do not find elsewhere.

Face treatments

In addition to cleaning and moisturizing your skin in depth, facial treatments allow you to live a well -deserved moment of relaxation. Several types of care are available to you, discover the one that meets your needs.

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In addition to having a look that turns heads, you will no longer have to put yourself mascara every morning. Lashlift (lashlift) raising and lashing are two services offered that will allow you to have your dreams.

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manicure & pedicure

Whether for your feet or your hands, your beautiful nails will always be noticed. Discover our different feet treatments and our multiple ways of highlighting these!

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Parikart lounges

parikart signature

The signature experience is most intimate and personalized. Our hairdressers will take the time to make a consultation to determine your needs and fully understand your requests.

of course, an ultra relaxing capillary massage is included during washing your hair. If you want to find a living room where the atmosphere is calm and warm, it is at Parikart Signature that you should go. Our artists work with kerastase products to pamper your hair both during washing and brushing, and Redken products for colorations and techniques of wicks. No matter what your need, we will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the result obtained!

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Call (418) 838-6600 for the Parikart Espace Beauté, and the (418) 839-2555 for the signature bet!