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Our body care is designed to treat several skin problems in addition to giving you a moment of pure relaxation. All our relaxation packages do not start a complete exfoliation of the body with the Yonka sugar scrub. The scrub is made of cane sugar, white sugar and sunflower oil. When mixing it with water, the scrub becomes a milk that hydrates after exfoliation, for soft and renewed skin. Everything is followed by a long and relaxing massage. We offer 4 different types of massages that treat: cellulite, RLS, edema, muscle tensions, and more. Our ambassador Taïna Lavoie explains the difference between our packages offered in the short videos that follow!

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Enrich your care thanks to essential oils

We can also add an essential oil during scrub and massage to optimize the results of the treatment. You can choose between 4 different oils:

mandarin and sweet orange, to restore a dose of energy and vitality.
Cypress and rosemary cedar to help fight cellulite, edema and Promote good blood circulation.
jasmine and tiare flower to promote relaxation and relaxation
Lavender, Helichrysus and Petitgrain to detoxify and repair your skin in addition to helping to relieve pain.