5 signs that you need a spring detox

- Difficulty losing weight or gain of unexplained weight

- Dull complexion, skin problems

< Strong>- Digestive disorders, bloating, gas ...

- Mail-being, stress

- Unexplained fatigue and Disturbed sleep

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Spring is a sign of great household!

3 little things to do the big cleaning?

drink ... water! You have to drink on average 2L of water per day to have good consumption!

detoxify: Is your liver in great shape? It is the organ that filters everything you ingest, take care! The reset product in our ensembles is made for that!

get activated: no need to make marathon! Take a walk, a jog, make a 10 -minute training on YouTube. All actions is better than nothing!

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Liver health is essential!

Did you know that your liver serves, among other things, to filter and purify blood in addition to transforming and storing the substances that you ingest? The liver must be healthy to filter food well! It is a super important organ that must be kept healthy. Bend Beauty's new reset is a crush at Parikart. It is 25% discount in one of the sets that you have been created for detox!