The advantages of hair botox

Happy Botox is a multi -BE -treatment treatment that revitalizes, relaxed, strengthens and invigorates the hair. Several types of capillary botox exist on the market, which is why we have done several research before selecting ours. Designed here for the needs of clients from here, the capillary botox used in Parikart contains among other collagen, vegetable keratin, four amino acids as well as several essential oils, minerals, vitamins and organic ingredients. These ingredients were chosen to bring maximum shine and force to the hair.

After a hair botox at Parikart, you notice that the styling is easier and that your hair is brighter and healthy than ever! This treatment repairs the hair fiber, seals the scales and the strands, intensely hydrates, strengthens the fiber and protects from external aggressions

Is this treatment for me and what is the best time to do it?

The capillary botox is aimed at all those who want to give a dose of youth and radiance to their hair. If you have the health of your heart hair, it's perfect for you!

There are no bad times, but there are certain key moments! As soon as your hair is shocked, it's a good time for a hair botox. For example, the temperature change after winter or summer, hormonal changes and after discoloration treatment are good times. But as we mentioned above, it is a treatment that is for everyone and at all times!