In 1994, it was around a d & Évirc; We had d & eacute; & agrave; This moment-l & agrave; Many points in common: the love of the estate, the need for the voluerly as professionally as professionally, to pass our limits and to grow continuously. Malgr & eacute; Our two personalities differs; Cr & eacute a distinctive concept in the service of beauty. a client & agrave; The search for advice and rsquo; efficient. VOIL & AGRAVE; The mission that has guided us for 25 years!

What does Parikart mean? C & rsquo; is the language of our names by & eacute; and Picard li & éacute; s by a & laquo; K & Raquo; who reproduced scissors in our very first logo. & laquo; Paris & Raquo; Because it is for us the place par excellence of trends and fashion, while & laquo; Art & raquo; reproduce well the c & icirc; artistic of our field.

We are in prison to feel our two centers: Parikart Espace Beaut & Eacute; & amp; Parikart signature

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parikart space beauty & eacute;

This center brings together & agrave; The m & ecirc; address me about twenty experts in hair care, eastic and eacute; Redken. Situ & eacute; in the city center of the screw, parikart space beauty & eacute; is an accessible high-end living room given the great variety artists who work there. This lounge is the largest of our two centers, it includes 7 hairdressing chairs, 8 stakes of coloring and 5 rooms; We have more than 20 employers and are open from Monday to Saturday. In short, we offer an expression of beauty; COMPLOYED IN A SOME ADDRESS!

parikart signature

The Signature of Parikart lounge is situated; & agrave; the t & ecirci of bridges & agrave; St-Romuald. This center offers you a more intimate expression in an exclusive and distinctive concept in the offer of its products and services. We are the only point of sale of the luxurious range of swiss line, without forgetting that we have the K & Eacute; rastase and living proof in our tablets hairstyle. In addition to the hairstyle, of the esth & Éacute; Come and live by you-m & ecirc;