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Thanks to the dazzling success of Izumi Tonic energizing fortifying water for scalp and length. Shu Uemura now offers a complete range inspired by this favorite product which is available now on our online store and in salons!

The Izumi Tonic range is a range of choices that works on the thickness and strength of the hair thanks to its secret ingredient: rice water.

Rice water is a natural ingredient that has proven its strengthening attributes for hair and scalp. This comes from the ancestral tradition of yu-su-ru, where hair was bathed in a bath of rice water to activate hair growth and provide the necessary minerals to the scalp to grow stronger hair.

The Izumi Tonic range offers 4 stages:

  1. Strengthening shampoo for fragile hair
  2. The strengthening conditioner for fragile hair and the mask for thicker hair or hair seeking hydration
  3. Energizing fortifying water for scalp and length to apply to wet hair
  4. The thickening serum to apply to dry hair at the lengths and ends before styling and thermal protection

The full range is made from its secret ingredient and offers exciting results like 10x stronger hair, reduced split ends by up to 91% and protection against breakage.

This range is based on an increasingly popular phenomenon called "skinification" of hair, meaning that hair and scalp should be treated as well and similarly to our skin.

It is thanks to this phenomenon that the key to success for healthy and strong hair is explained: which begins first and foremost with the scalp. A healthy scalp will grow healthy hair, so it is essential to take care of it and provide it with the necessary nutrients with a complete routine!

The Izumi Tonic range swears by this concept by providing the scalp and lengths with rice water: B group vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium. Rice water will also shine the hair fiber and smooth the hair, as if you had used a silicone-based treatment.

Want to have stronger and denser hair?

Give your hair the minerals it needs with Izumi Tonic now

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