Selv Ritual: take a good bain without harming the planet!

Take a Ritual Selv bath is to offer a moment for yourself, it is enjoying a perfume and a unique experience every time, or almost.

Dried flowers, citrus, Palo Santo ... You can find well variety in immersive kits or other SELV products. However, these beautiful wonders that we place in your bath generally bring us some questions: is it dangerous for the environment? How do I have to clean my bath? If these questions are part of your questions, continue to read because that is what I explain below in this blog!

vegan, natural and biodegradable products

All Selv Ritual products available at Parikart are products made with 100% natural and 100% vegan ingredients!

What is also good to know is that SELV products are also all 100% biodegradable and made with respect for nature, so they are completely safe for the environment. Selv is proud to use high -quality ingredients in making its products. In addition, the products are all handmade in Montreal.

How to clean your bath after use?

The question that probably comes back to us most often! Here are the super easy steps that you can apply while continuing your relaxation.

Step 1: remove the big pieces

Even if all the products are biodegradable, we advise you to remove the big pieces all the same, because these are likely to plug the drain from your bath and create problems afterwards. What you are advised is to bring a bowl near you to place the big pieces that would not pass in the drain, then place them with the compost thereafter.

Step 2: Pour your bath pour

Like all Selv products are biodegradable and safe for the environment, you can send all the small residues in your stress -free bath. Obviously, it is very important to start with step 1 so as not to plug the drain, but once it is done, you can send everything! Give your bath time to flow, then go to step 3.

Step 3: Rinse your bath

Obviously, even if you run your bath, some residues will remain stuck on the walls. You can use the shower included in your bath, if you have one, or any pitcher or jar can do the work. You just have to distribute water to allow residues to flow into the drain in turn.

Step 4: Pass a towel, if necessary

With the oil or salt that you are going to put in your bath, it is possible that a small darkness is formed on the walls of your bath. To clean it, it's very simple! Use a small dry or damp towel, then delicately rubs where necessary. After these 4 steps, your bath should be very clean and near for a next moment of relaxation.

Step 5 ... continue your relaxation!

voila, your bath is cleaned. You offered yourself a good time for you, so continue on this momentum. Read a good book, medite, relax, in short, take care of yourself!

Produits en vedette

Les notes de roses blanches, de bois de santal et de vanille de cette Eau de Parfum s'entremêlent et révèlent une odeur évoquant les côtés chaud, feutré et sensuel du cachemire. De quoi mettre de l'extraordinaire dans votre quotidien. Découvrez Égérie, une Eau de parfum féminine au caractère assumé.  Égérie - L'Eau de parfum de Parikart par Ruby Brown


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