Parikart affirms its positioning with its new brand image

Winner of 10 awards of excellence in the last 3 years, Parikart definitely has the wind in its sails. With a view to remaining at the forefront and cementing its place as a leader in the world of beauty in Quebec, the team welcomes a tide of new products, changes and innovations. The company's vision is clear; very large projects are on the horizon.

More upscale, but just as warm

Parikart offers a more luxurious brand, while retaining its warm and generous character! A brand that offers unparalleled service to each customer and a personalized and attentive experience that is unrivaled in the field.

During an interview preceding the launch of the new image , Hélène Paré, co-founder, mentioned that “Parikart will be more creative and dynamic than it has been since its beginnings in 1994”. The artistic side of the field will be highlighted through this brand that is even more on the lookout for trends. All while continuing to place enormous emphasis on the professionalism and advanced expertise offered at Parikart.

The new logos, more refined, more refined, more assertive, represent the changes that are coming for us:

5 major projects for 2023

This big change is accompanied by 5 projects that will be deployed over the course of the year, including online appointment booking which is now available! You can discover all our artists on their personalized page and make an appointment with the hairdresser or beautician of your choice!

A revamped rewards program will also be available on March 1st. It will be available for our two shows as well as on the online store.

The other 3 projects are still a well-kept secret. We can simply tell you that the expansion of the company is at the heart of these projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to elevate our clients through their own definition of beauty by welcoming them into an open and warm space and remaining attentive to their needs. Parikart is more than an online store that offers a variety of professional beauty products, it is a company that brings together hairdressing, aesthetics and aesthetic medicine professionals in exceptional salons. Above all, it is a company that is there to guide its customers in their definition of beauty. It is a brand on the lookout for trends and which makes beauty an art in itself.

Everyone is welcome at Parikart, and each person will have an experience that exceeds their expectations.

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