Kérastase products: The solution to your hair problems

We know, it can be difficult to maintain your hair when you have certain issues related to our genetics (excess sebum, dry hair, curly hair , Hair loss, etc.) In this blog, we suggest the best products kerastase to use if you have dry or mixed hair! p>

What to do when you have dry hair?

When the hair is dry, it becomes brittle and dull; They don't look healthy! Dry hair is lacking in water, therefore dehydrated. To solve this problem, you absolutely have to change your care routine!

Here are some tips that could help you

1. Use rich care to nourish your hair. Kerastase has created a full range for dry hair; The . In this range, you can find specific products for dry hair , very dry as well as severely dried up.

2. Better protect your hair when using heated devices! Kérastase offers several Thermal protectors without rinsing to apply before you style. Thus, your hair will not be attacked by the intense heat and it will keep a beautiful healthy and silky appearance!

We prioritize the use of hydrating masks and repairers repairing to find healthy hair. The hair finds a healthy look and shine. The Magistral mask Kérastase is the perfect treatment for extremely dry hair. It will nourish the hair and protect it from the external temperature changes.

How to properly maintain our mixed hair?

Having mixed hair is quite rare! If you have the unlucky to have this problem, we have a solution for you!

This type of hair is the most difficult to maintain since the scalp is fatty and the tips are dry. We must use products adapted to the two issues so as not to worsen one or the other of the problems. Obviously, kerastase thought of making a shampoo that is made for this type of hair! from kerastase will clean the oily scalp and the lengths sensitized very gently. This product contains calophyllum oil that soothes the scalp thanks to its anti-inflammatory power. In addition, it contains piroctone, an anti-bacterial that reduces the itching of the scalp .

To space washes, dry Shampoo of Living Proof is the product you need! This favorite product really cleans the hair by removing the oil, perspiration and smells of your hair. Living Proof's dry shampoo is a must to have if you have "fatty" hair quite easily.

in short, parikart & amp; Kérastase have the solution for your hair problems! Do not hesitate to write to us to ask your questions, it's always a pleasure for us to answer you!

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