Jean-Sébastien became blond to test cicaex, and the result is wow!

For the launch of the new cicaxtreme range, we put Jean-Sébastien, our marketing director, challenged to bleach our full heads if we received enough votes on our Instagram page!

with more than 80% of the votes in favor of his transformation , he had to do it! Not only does its discoloration allow us to concretely see the effects of chemical treatments on the hair, but in addition, we could test the new cicaxtreme products better than ever!

Here is his before/after ! We must say that the result is much more beautiful than what we expected!

We asked him a few questions to find out his opinion on the products!

1. After discoloration, did you notice a difference in your hair?

Really! I knew that the hair became porous and dry, but I did not expect that! Just to the touch, it has become like straw, despite having used good products to make sure not to overcome my hair. I also noticed that it is now more "difficult" to wash my hair since it does a "heap" on my head because they absorb a lot of water. The drying time is incredibly longer and I find that they are harder to style.

2. What products should you use to maintain your blonde?

There are two important things to think to maintain your blonde: hair health and color! Obviously to give life to my hair I use the cicaxtreme range, I have been discolored to test the products! As for the color, I use the ultra-violestasis ultra-violet bath too. I have a cold blonde and I don't want him to yellow, so I use the UV bath with each washing.

3. With cicaxtreme products, have you seen a difference?

Honestly, I have already seen a difference on the texture of my hair. They are already much more "fluid" than at the start, and I only used the cicaxtreme products. We feel it when they are applied that these are extremely treating products.

"When we say that the Parikart service is a checkout above and we do things differently, here is the proof. We love them cursed our customers, it is not for nothing that I discolored my full head for them! In short, I can confirm that the range is really hot! I can't wait to have customer reviews, they will hide! » - Jean -Sébastien


Thanks to the Kérastase consultation camera , we were able to observe its hair before, and after discoloration. It is immediately noted that the hair is less shiny and drier. Concretely, to the touch, the texture of the hair was completely changed. The hair was dry , a bit like straw, and it had lost a lot of shine . In addition, the hair took much more time to dry than before, which is a direct sign of a more porous hair .

 We used the cicaxtreme products From the first washing according to discoloration. At first glance, the hair was already much softer to the touch, and it was also more shiny after applying the oil.

then we tried the new fusiodosis concentrated with the scar booster, and we are honestly very surprised by efficiency! The new concentrate is pigmented, so it neutralizes the reflections directly to have a beautiful color, and the result is simply incredible! In addition, fusiodosis repairs damage , and the hair was ultra-beat after treatment.

 After only a few days of use, we can easily say that the Cicaxtreme products have passed the test! They intensely hydrate the hair, it repair the damage caused by discoloration, to give you brilliant, soft fluid hair, and up to your expectations! They are perfect to provide treatment to your hair after discoloration, or to add to your current routine and treat your hair that needs it!

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