Proud to offer FREE feminine hygiene products in salons.

Parikart always remains on the lookout for innovations and advances on various issues. Being in the beauty field, it is natural for us to want to offer the best in terms of female living conditions. This is why Parikart is proud to encourage the launch of Iris+Arlo, a brand that rethinks feminine hygiene products. We have therefore decided to make these products accessible free of charge to our customers and employees in our salons and offices.

The mission of Iris+Arlo

It is a brand that seeks to have a social & environmental impact by offering sustainable, healthy and stylish feminine hygiene products. Their mission is to allow women to have access to products with a biodegradable and reusable impact. It is also a company that will give back to women who are in menstrual poverty.

Healthy products? Is my tampon that I use every day safe?

It is proven that commercial brand feminine hygiene products can contain up to 30 chemicals, so 10 products are on the list of the most harmful chemical compounds in the world. Products which are only present in very small doses of course, but which can have harmful effects in the long term.

Iris+Arlo thus offers a solution to this problem: products without chemical compounds and without perfume which can be harmful to health in the long term.

What happens when I finish using my products?

Sanitary napkins take 500 to 800 years to completely decompose (because of the plastic) which is a lot of years for a simple small sanitary napkin that is only used for a few hours. Same thing for tampons where the applicators can take up to 25 years to decompose (in addition to the risks of being swallowed or consumed by wildlife).

By offering products made from 100% biodegradable cotton, Iris+Arlo offers products that are safe for wildlife and that decompose quickly in a natural way.

Another solution provided by Iris+Arlo

We've all had to leave a place because of an unexpected period, or have to stop at the pharmacy... or directly at home. It has also happened to us all that we have improvised tampons, napkins or even kept a tampon for too long because we forgot our spare tampon. However, these are things that can be dangerous (toxic shock, PH imbalance, contact with harmful products). Iris+Arlo believes that it shouldn't be like this in women's daily lives. Access to feminine hygiene products should be much easier.

This brand is therefore taking advantage of its launch to make their products available to women in offices, establishments and schools that choose to support the brand.


We fell in love with the concept of Iris+Arlo, because it offers the best of both worlds: stylish protection without the harmful effects of big brand products and which reduces the ecological footprint! By choosing hygienic products made from 100% organic cotton, you choose products without chemical compounds that can be harmful to your health in the long term, you reduce your ecological footprint and the accumulation of waste.

We also encourage a small local company to grow and do good. This is why we have chosen to support this cause and make their products available to our customers and employees in our salons FOR FREE.

To discover the brand:

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