Wear your curls with pride with Curl Manifesto

Did you know that 65% of the world's population has curly hair , whether it is wavy hair to very frizzy hair? However, no product available on the is yet suitable for treating curls while providing sensory experience to consumers.

dry, fragile, brittle ... curly hair brings their batch of inconvenience, to the great despair of people with curly hair. The loops need a particular care to be resplendent, brilliant, bouncing and without frizz.

Respond to these different needs of the loops, this is the challenge that Kérastase has given itself with its new Curl Manifesto range. It is after 14 years of research and development, more than 50 different formulas tested, a lot of work with professionals of loops, consultations with women with curly hair from 23 different countries and more than 600 people who tested the products that Kérastase presents (finally !!) Curl Manifesto, a range to meet the needs of curly hair, and allow you to optimize your curls for a completely assumed look!


The challenges of loops

Due to their spiral shape, curly hair requires more care. Curly, curly and frizzy hair grows in a curved way, which creates more or less tight curls. At the root of the hair, there are sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which feeds the hair. It is also from this root that The hair receives water from our body, so that the hair is flexible and well hydrated. The closer the hair is completed, The more sebum and water have the difficulty in advancing on hair fiber And reach the tips! Thus, the curls are therefore much drier and porous than a fine hair naturally. The curly hair is also finer and more fragile, which makes it more likely to break easily.

Curly hair care must therefore be very moisturizing, because otherwise, the lack of hydration causes unwanted frizz. However, it is also important to prioritize lightness, because a product that is too rich will increase the hair and decrease the rebound and the volume of loops. Contrary to what one might think, curly hair needs humidity to avoid knots and frizz, but This humidity must be well controlled to offer beautiful curls.

The different types of loops and their needs

The different types of loops have different needs in terms of product and care since hair fibers are not made in the same way from one type to another. It is essential to choose your products well according to your type of curls.

Type 2: curly wavy

Curly wavy hair has a S -shaped or spiral shape. As curly hair can be more easily increased by products, curly wavy hair needs a light revitalizing and a definition treatment . Their loose shape allows natural oils to travel more easily along the hair fiber, which makes them only need a supply of hydration and medium nutrition.

Type 3: very curly

The fiber of curly hair tends to be more porous and fragile than that of wavy hair with curly. Due to the tighter form of loops, it is more difficult for natural hydration to reach the tips, which makes them need a more intense hydration and Fortifying products as a mask and treatments without rinsing .

Type 4: plaster

The frizzy hair comes under very tight curls such as zigzag. The loops are very dense closer to the root and a little more relaxed towards the ends. The fiber is finer and fragile, so the risk of breakage is higher. Natural oils therefore have a lot of difficulty moving and going to the ends, so the hair is drier. Crush hair requires nutrition, maximum strength and definition which can be obtained by superimposing several products, with oils and with treatments during the night.

Curl Manifesto: the range of products for beautiful loops

Curl Manifesto is a luxury range made up of 8 products that have been designed to meet the needs of curly, very curly or frizzy hair. Curl Manifesto combines a lot of hydration, strength and definition to get well -defined curly hair, healthy appearance. Curl Manifesto, it is up to 83% more hydration, 87% less breakage and 81% less unwanted frizz. Finally a range of hair care combining luxury with performance to allow women to proudly carry their curls with confidence!

Discover Curl Manifesto

ingredients sought

Curl Manifesto presents an expert formulation, combining science and luxury with ceramide, precious manuka honey and glycerin.

ceramide is a patented ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, which fills cracks and strengthens fragile hair from the interior, thus improving the capacity of the hair to remember vital humidity.

Manuka honey is a powerful natural honey from New Zealand, ultra-chew in micronutrients which provides a boost of hydration and gives shine.

finally, glycerin is a softening and hydrating protective agent. It has very high hydrating properties and helps distribute root care to the tips to improve the definition.

a combination of luxury ingredients to nourish and strengthen curls while increasing their beauty!

a memorable odor

a smell that will charm you from its first use! The mixture of frangipaniers, jasmine petals, white musk, honey milk and nougat will evoke you pride and confidence! A warm and floral odor that will not leave you indifferent!

head notes: flower of frangipanier & amp; Jasmine petal
Heart notes: Tuberous petal, fir, freesia & amp; Tiare flower
our background: white musk, honey milk & amp; Nougat


Bath Hydration Douceur

The softness hydration of the Curl Manifesto range is a soft and moisturizing sulphate bath. Suitable for wandering, curly, very curly to frizzy hair, this bath cleanses the scalp and hair gently. Il permeates the curls of vital hydration without weighing them down in order to enhance the volume and the look of the hair. Its formula is designed to optimize and enhance natural curls, for a fully assumed curly look!

shopping the Bain Hydration Douceur

The Essential Hydration Fondant

The essential hydration fondant of the Curl Manifesto range is a light conditioner which contributes to restoring the hydration of locks and loops. Its formula is so much suitable for wandering, curly and very curly hair in order to bring a gentle detangling even for the most stubborn nodes. It permeates the loops with light humidity without weighing down in order to increase the body, the fullness and the rebound of the curls. Its hydration allows curls to have better elasticity, in addition to being brighter and more defined.

shopping Essential hydration

The High Nutrition Mask

The high nutrition butter mask of the Curl Manifesto range is an extra-riche mask that provides intense nutrition with very curly or frizzy hair. Its formula is designed to intensely nourish and strengthen dry, brittle or damaged curls which harm the rebound and the definition of loops. This mask leaves the silky, ultra-douce, bright and more flexible curls.

shopping the High butter mask> nutrition

the absolute refresh


The new must loops! The Absolute Refresh Spray of the Curl Manifesto range is a 2nd day mist to revive the outfit and definition of vagued, curly, very curly or frizzy hair. This light mist rehydrates, revitalizes and instantly reacts the definition of curls and the sweetness between washes. The absolute refresh promotes the formation of natural curls, improves the rebound and the volume while reducing frizz and improving the shine.

shopping absolute refresh < /Strong>

The Fundamental Day Cream

The fundamental day cream of the Curl Manifesto range is a nourishing and reducing day cream of Frisottis which allows you to reveal healthy and sweet appearance curls. suitable for wandering, curly, very curly to frizzy hair, this rinsing cream is an excellent daily moisturizer to control frizz. This ultra-light smoothing cream provides intense hydration to hair, effortless detangling and thermal protection up to 230 ° C (450 ° F). It will also protect humidity to offer more control, avoid swelling and define loops.

shopping Basic

Curl Contour >

The Curl Contour jelly of the Curl Manifesto range is an embellier-buckle gel-cream that will restore definition and rebound to wicks. Suitable for wandering, curly, very curly or frizzy hair, this cream combines the hydration properties of a cream and the holding of a gel for a control of 24h frizz, a long -lasting hold and definition. The gel-cream makes it possible to stylize and amplify the natural shape of the loop with softness, definition and without crunchy effect.

shopping Curl Contour A>

Sublime Oil Strong>

Sublime repair oil from the Curl Manifesto range is a multi-use oil that provides intense nutrition with very curly and frizzy hair. This mixture of versatile and nourishing natural oils can be used in different stages of the hair care routine and scalp to hydrate in depth, define the motif of the loops and improve the shine, while reducing frizz.

shopping the Sublime oil < /a>

This long-awaited new range will be officially available from June 1, 2021. By then, write to receive advice and make sure you choose the right products according to your type of loops! Make the right choice and assume your curls with pride!

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