Five new lip scrub flavours!

you liked them and you have asked for it .... we listened to you! we come back with no less than five new flavors of lip exfoliant which are all more delicious than the other. To know everything, just read this blog.

Why use a lip exfoliant? >

exfoliate his lips allows you to remove dead skins and revitalize dry and dehydrated lips. The exfoliant creates a smooth and soft canvas for an impeccable application of lipstick or lip balm. The parikart lip exfoliant is edible and its taste is simply exquisite!

the soap store x parikart

The soap shop is a Quebec company founded in 2019 by Noémie Ferrand. The purpose of the company is to encourage and facilitate transition to vegan cosmetic products. The theme of gluttony is at the heart of the creativity and innovation of the company which offers different products for the body, the face, the hair , the bath and the house. respect for the environment and animals dictate its actions on a daily basis.

lip exfoliatants are designed by the main team of the soap shop. This 100% Quebec product is vegetable and made without animal cruelty. parikart has united with soap shop to offer you a unique and high quality product.

new flavors available

pumpkin and spices lat >

This flavor is perfect for real autumn fanatics. Inspired by the very popular starbucks hot beast, its taste is characterized by its flavors of espresso and autumn spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove).

Provide the lip exfoliant Pumpkin Spice Latte.

red velvet

This flavor is ideal for those who have sweet tooth. His taste draws his inspiration from the famous "velvet cake" which stands out for its dark red color. The mixture of chocolate and vanilla will make you salivate until you lick your lips!

I want to get the 'Red Velvet lip exfoliant.

vanilla lavender

This legendary mauve flowers finds its place perfectly in this lip exfoliant. Combining lavender with vanilla, this flavor is a mixture that is both floral and sweet.

I want to get the 'Vanilla lavender lip exfoliant.


Freshness is certainly there in this lip exfoliant. The flavor is characterized by a fruity cocktail of blood orange, grapefruit and pomegranate. The mixture of citrus and pomegranate will make you want again and again!

I want to get the exfoliant Oasis lipstick.

apricot brandy

Fans of this cocktail will be seduced by the flavor of this lip exfoliant. Mixing apricot and orange, the flavor is positioned somewhere between gluttony and refreshment.

I want to get the exfoliant to the exfoliant Brandy apricot lips.

lip exfoliants will be available from October 16 and it's the perfect time to get the yours to prepare your lips for the cold of the winter that comes! They are available in two formats, or 1 oz and 2 oz.

Produits en vedette

Les notes de roses blanches, de bois de santal et de vanille de cette Eau de Parfum s'entremêlent et révèlent une odeur évoquant les côtés chaud, feutré et sensuel du cachemire. De quoi mettre de l'extraordinaire dans votre quotidien. Découvrez Égérie, une Eau de parfum féminine au caractère assumé.  Égérie - L'Eau de parfum de Parikart par Ruby Brown


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