Traitement Fortifiant Anti-Chute en Ampoules Genesis

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Fortifying anti-fall treatment is ideal for periods of intense hair. The unique concentration of targeted ingredients acts as a dose of pure active agents that work intensely to reduce hair loss, offering an optimal environment for future growth. Therefore, the fiber of your hair will be stronger and more beautiful. This product offers significant anti-fall efficiency, anchors the fiber to the root and slows down the loss process.


- Reduces hair loss from the root
- provides better retention of hair fiber
- Provides optimal results after 6 weeks of Use
- Anchor the hair follicle in the scalp
- Soothes the scalp
- Contributes to the preservation of the natural protective barrier of the scalp

user manual

Step 1 : use daily or 2-3 days in the morning or in the evening before going to bed.
Step 2 : Apply 1 bulb to the dry or wiped scalp, section by section.
Step 3 : gently massage the product on the scalp during 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4 : do not rinse.

use between 1 and 4 cures.

key ingredients

- This product contains Aminetil 1.5% which helps hair anchor in the scalp and prevents hardening of collagen around the hair follicle.
- The ginger root protects from external aggressions that occur on a daily basis.
- arginine is an essential amino acid in the production of the hair fiber . This ingredient plays a very important role in cellular mechanisms to stimulate microcirculation and nourish the hair bulb in order to allow optimal growth.

Format: The box contains 10 6ml bulbs each


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