Thermique Régénérant

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The thermal regenerating chronologist is an ultimate regenerating styling treatment which revitalizes the youth of the hair. It refines the texture of the hair and gives it flexibility and lightness. Its delicate texture slightly hydrates their hair to give them a healthy and radiant appearance. Its protection against heat going up to 230 ° C (450 ° F) protects the hair from attacks in addition to sealing the strands and cuticles. This styling thermal makes it possible to finalize your hairstyle in style, in addition to controlling frizz up to a humidity of 80%.

it targets the refreshment and the weakening of fiber fiber capillary.


-Refine the texture of the hair
-Seals the cuticles and the spursed tips
-Protects from the heat until 230 ° C (450 ° F)
- Control Frisottis for 24 hours at a humidity rate of 80%
- Give shine and sweetness


His sensual heart reveals the delicate floral notes of rose-theth and peony enveloping the velvety wealth of Magnolia. The strong citrus head notes and wooded background notes surround this floral heart in a perfect balance between lightness and depth.

user manual

Step 1 : Apply a small quantity to the hair washed and dried.
Step 2 : Apply well on lengths and tips.
Step 3 : style as usual.
Step 4 : Do not rinse.

key ingredients

-From abyssine, which revives the hair fiber to give it a bulky rebound. Capable of giving birth to life in improbable places, this ingredient with revitalizing properties repairs damaged hair and invigorates the fibers.

- hyaluronic acid, to wrap the hair and give it a Depth hydration which revitalizes aging fibers and revives the dry and released scalp. The hair is gaining thickness and healthy, finding an appearance of youth at all times.

Format: 150ml
Thermique Régénérant
Thermique Régénérant


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