PHD Shampoing sec formule avancée

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A dry shampoo that eliminates oil, sweat and smells in addition to adding natural hair and natural shine. He provides a feeling of freshness worthy of an outing of the shower. This dry shampoo is ideal for applying before or after training or before sleeping. (Read the tips section to find out more!)


- balance sebum levels
- Cleans like a shampoo to give a feeling freshly washed
- Clean the hair really, eliminating oil, sweat and smells
- Makes hair soft, shiny and more handy
- leaves no residue
- Leaves no texture
- Improved vaporization for a more uniform application
- refreshes the scalp and protects against pollution
- Sans paraben
- without phthalate
- without danger for hair treated chemically or colored
- Without sulfate (no sls & amp; sles)
- Silicone without silicone
- Peta certified without cruelty
- Gluten-free
- Vegan
- Recyclable materials

user manual

Step 1: Shake the cane well for optimal results
Step 2: hold the cane at a distance of about 20cm from the hair
Step 3: Apply by section and Upstairs by vaporizing uniform
Step 4: Wait 30 seconds.
Step 5: Massage and shake your roots to remove the excess and increase the volume

Apply on dry hair.


1. Spray a little dry shampoo where you tend to sweat the most before a training session . After spraying the desired area, tie your hair to hide the powder. While you train, the dry shampoo absorbs perspiration, reducing the styling time after training.

2. If you sweat at night , spray the dry shampoo where you tend to sweat the most before bed, then shake your hair in the morning for a ready -to -use hairstyle. Sleep with your hair tied to prevent the powder from dropping off on your pillow and to help preserve your style.

PHD Shampoing sec formule avancée
PHD Shampoing sec formule avancée


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