Routine : Soin Essentiel Pour Le Corps

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This routine contains:

1. Prepare : mild cell water scrub < /p>

The scrub is the crucial step for obtaining soft and silky skin. It leaves the skin with a milk finish and a sublime skin. The scrub offers hydration and comfort to the skin.

user manual:

- Apply 3 times a week
- Apply to dry skin before the shower. In contact with water, the scrub transforms into milk!

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2. Morning : Cell water cream < /p>

The melting cream of cell water is a cream that optimizes the circulation of water from the epidermis. It offers the skin deep hydration for 8 hours.

user manual:

- Apply in the morning on the whole body by massaging.

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3. Evening : cellular oil

Enriched with biomimetic body lipids, cell oil is a dry oil which prevents inflammation and contributes to the reconstruction of the skin barrier of the skin.

For a more intense treatment, you can combine the oil with a melting cream and apply all in the morning and/or in the evening!

user manual:

Apply the whole body in the whole and make a circular massage penetrate.

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