Routine K18 : Réparation & détox

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Élimine 99% d'excès de sébum en un seul lavage

Testé pas des dermatologues

Réduit 76% du cuivre présent dans les cheveu

Restaure la force, la douceur & la souplesse

The K18 rinsing mask with molecular repair

the K18 rinsing treatment mask The damage to hair fibers in 4 minutes to repair damaged hair. Paptidic technology patented by K18 acts to repair the damage caused by discoloration, coloring, chemical services and heat in the strength, softness, flexibility and bounce of the hair. This mask suitable for all hair types works in the internal layers of hair to regenerate it in depth. The size of the K18PEPTID molecules is ideal for adapting to hair and reconnecting broken keratin chains.

The Peptide Shampoo Pred Detoxifying K18

Detoxifying Shampoo Peptide PREP from K18 cleans in Depth hair and scalp. Its uncapping foam makes it possible to unclog the hair follicles while eliminating dirt, oils, silicones and product residues. It creates an optimal environment for the application of the K18 rinsing mask in addition to preparing the hair for coloring, chemicals, treatments and styling products. As the hair will be clean and clarified, the products applied after this detoxifying shampoo will be more efficient.


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