Routine Eau Cellulaire hydratante pour peaux normales

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Routine cream contains everything you need to hydrate and revive dehydrated skin. The par excellence trio to boost the hydration of your skin!

Cellular 100ml

Patented by Research Laboratories Institut Esthederm In 1999, cell water is "lookalike" water from skin water. This 100 % active water is in perfect harmony with the skin and is as powerful as a serum. It reproduces water from the skin, enriched with hyaluronic acid and essential and oligo-equity minerals. The skin will find a young and hydrated look. Cellular water boosts the hydration of the skin and the effectiveness of the care applied thereafter. It contains antioxidants to form a shield against external aggressions and keep the youth of the skin. Hyaluronic acid will plump and hydrate the skin, which will make it brighter, brilliant, hydrated and protected from skin aging.

Use: Spray cellular water on the body and face. Use before, after the care routine to fix the makeup or to refresh yourself during the day.

Lotion of cell water

This new gesture combines the freshness of a lotion with the effectiveness of an exceptional treatment. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, its ultra-light texture provides the light effect of a water full of water.

use: Apply morning and/or in the evening to the perfectly cleaned face and neck with your fingers or using a cotton. This treatment applies before the serum or the cream.

Cell water cream Strong>

universal hydrating and rejuvenating, the c rème < Span> melting with silky texture, helps preserve the youth of the skin thanks to the cell water contained inside. It is enriched with ceramids which are identical to those contained in the skin, to strengthen the barrier of the skin epidermis in restoring its hydration. The skin regains its hydration and its natural light for a beauty skin. This cream contains antioxidant protection to protect the skin from free radicals that accelerate skin aging. Your skin will be protected from morning to evening while freeing itself from toxins accumulated over the day to leave the skin breathable and radiant.

Use: apply in the morning and evening to the face, The neck and cleavage cleaned.


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