Peignoir En Satin - Long

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This luxurious satin bathrobe is light, silky and comfortable. It is perfect for accompanying you at the exit of the shower or during your relaxing moments.

Opt for the short bathrobe for a sexier and relaxed look, or for the long bathrobe for a more chic and luxurious look.


- Color: dark black very chic
- Length: 120cm
- One size
- Suitable for different silhouettes


1. Pour cold water into a
2 basin. Add detergent to liquid laundry and mix to dissolve
3. Dip the bathrobe in soapy water and delicately rub
4. Pour cold water into another
5 basin. Add a little white vinegar and a little sugar
6. Mix to dissolve the sugar
7. Rinse the bathrobe, without twisting it
8. Extending the bathrobe on a flat surface or on a hanger to dry.

The vinegar allows you to dislodge detergent residues, while sugar helps keep the shine of the tissue.

Tips ** Do not put it in the dryer, dry rather in the open air. Do not use strong or powder detachments.


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