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Huile De Parfum

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Huile De Parfum

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last step in your styling routine, perfume oil gives shine and sweetness to your hair. The perfume wraps the hair with a sensual and subtle fragrance that remains in the hair for a long time while keeping its intensity. The hair is nourished, fragrant and sublimated.


- oil that can be used before and after styling
- Provides intense shine, food and sweetness
- Camoufles the smells
- Provides an incredible odor and sensual
- Averts the brittle side of the hair
- gives vigor to the fibers


His sensual heart reveals the delicate floral notes of Rose-the-theth and peony enveloping the velvety wealth of Magnolia. The lively citrus head notes and wooded background notes surround this floral heart in a perfect balance between lightness and depth.

user manual

Step 1: Apply one to two products in hand.
Step 2: rub the product and apply On dry hair, without rinsing.

This oil is ideal for camouflaging odors.

Format: 125ml
Huile De Parfum