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Apporte 85% plus d'hydratation

Rend les cheveux 94% plus forts

Réduit davantage la casse

Régénère la fibre capillaire

The cicaxtreme mask is an intense care mask after discoloration. This extreme ultra-repairer treatment regenerates in depth after a hair treatment in order to pamper blond hair. It hydrates and strengthens blond hair in depth to regenerate the capillary fiber weakened by chemical treatments. Thanks to concentrated hyaluronic acid duo and Edelweiss oil, The Cicaxtreme mask reduces the breakage more and allows blond hair to remain strong and brilliant. This intense formula is a must for discoloration addicts and for anyone needing increased care to bring their hair back to life.


-brings 85% more hydration to hair
< span data-mce-fragment = "1">-Makes the hair 94% stronger
-Give 34 % more shine
-h Ydrate and strongly strengthens in order to regenerate the hair fiber
-Reduces the breakage
-P Ermet with blond hair to remain strong and shiny

user manual

1. Take a small quantity and apply to wet and clean hair
2. Leave to act for 5 minutes
3. Rinse abundantly

key ingredients

The cicaex mask contains a cocktail of ingredients specially chosen For blond hair. The Mask contains a duo of hyaluronic acids containing heavy and light molecules for a double action which penetrates and hydrates in depth in order to restore the naturalness and the natural force of the hair fiber . In addition, Edelweiss oil protects vulnerable decolory hair from daily damage, so that they remain soft and nourished.

To learn more about the cicaxtreme range, you can consult this blogue .
Format: 75ml


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