Fusio Scrub - Énergisant

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Designed for oily scalp and hair

Leaves a feeling of cleanliness and lightness

Renews the skin and unclogs pores

Gives 72% more volume

The energizing scrub is an scrub based on sea salt which deeply cleanses the scalp while eliminating deeply encrusted impurities and offering a long -term freshness.

This energizing scrub replaces a traditional shampoo and Denten the scalp and hair in depth. Its purifying texture is specially designed for scalp and oily tendency hair. This powerful scrub promotes the renewal of the skin and unclogs pores for optimal health of the scalp. It leaves the scalp free to breathe, the very raised roots and the fully volumized hair.


- S paciically designed for scalp and hair with a fatty tendency
- gives 72% more volume
- Leave a feeling of Cleanliness and lightness
- eliminates the accumulation of products, pollution and sebum
- renews the skin and unclog pores
- improves the effectiveness of the treatments then applied

user manual

Step 1: on wet hair, apply a small quantity on the scalp (on top, on the temples, on the crown and on the neck ).
Step 2 : massage the scalp in depth.
Step 3 : Add a little bit of water in your hair to help the product create a thick foam. The scrub replaces the shampoo.
Step 4 : rinse well.

use once a week.

key ingredients

sea salt deeply exfoliates the scalp, which eliminates impurities, pollution and accumulation of products. Vitamin B6 and salicylic acid protect the scalp with their anti-inflammatory benefits.

- sea salt which purifies the pores of residues
- Vitamin B6 which cleanses the scalp and promotes Hair growth
- Effective exfoliating properties of salicylic acid

Format: 250ml


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