Ensemble Glow - Teint pâle à moyen (sérum autobronzant)

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Enjoy a tan all year! Make your choice for a natural and radiant result. This set contains Self -tanning foam in order to offer you a fabulous complexion, The application glove for a uniform finish and for the face in order to obtain a light tan.

make your foam choice!
average : Ideal for dyed pale skin dyes.
Dark : Ideal for dyes of medium to dark skins.
very dark : ideal for dyes of dark skin to very dark and for experienced people.

self -tanning foam - average

Get an impeccable natural complexion with Nuda self-tanning foam . This velvety and light foam is very easy to apply in addition to drying quickly and providing a uniform complexion with each application. Enriched with extracts of coconut, cucumber, mango and grapefruit, this foam will leave your skin radiant, soft and hydrated.

shaded Average is perfect for people with a medium pale skin complexion who wish to obtain a natural appearance complexion.

self -tanner serum

the Nuda self-tanning serum is a hyaluronic acid serum offering to both daily hydration and gradual tanning of the skin of the face and neck. Enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, this serum nourishes and illuminates the skin while giving it a sublime tanned complexion. Key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, beet extract, raspberry seed oil and grenade apple extract will have anti-aging effects in addition to helping to reduce rashes such as the Acne, sensitivities, redness and much more.

Apply the serum every other day for a more delicate tan. Apply more serum drops for a darker complexion.

the applicator glove

a mild application glove on the skin that avoids streaks and spots. Washable and reusable, The Application Glove for Self-tanning allows you to apply uniform and uniform self-tanning products.


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