Ensemble essentiels pour le corps : préparation & entretien (exfoliant)

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get everything you need to prepare and maintain your skin for an ultimate self-tanning experience. This set includes The body exfoliant To eliminate dead cells, The exfoliating glove in order to soften your skin, Body cream to hydrate and help keep your tan longer as well as The shower gel to gently clean your skin without attacking it.

The body exfoliant

this Exfoliant for the body rich and creamy, made from superior quality Arabica coffee is designed to eliminate dead cells and gentle impurities. Enriched with coconut oil and vitamin E, it promotes the maintenance of healthy, smooth and radiant skin while helping the regeneration of the epidermis.

the exfoliating glove

eliminate all the dead skins of your body in an instant with the exfoliating glove Nuda < /span> simple to use. This glove is very effective in preparing the skin for an airbrush tanning or for the application of a self -tanner.

body cream

this Cream for the Body Ultra-Riche is infused with powerful active ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, aloe, as well as vitamin E in order to leave the skin soft, silky and nourished. It revitalizes and revives the skin to provide intense hydration.

shower gel

this Shower gel is perfect for followers self -tanning products! Rich in antioxidants, it will help preserve a uniform and long -term result. Infused of vanilla extract, lemon extract and guard to refresh and soften the skin, this product is the new must of your daily routine.


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