3 in 1 dermaroller set, serum & butter - O'terra

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The O'terra 3 in 1 dermaroller, an innovative beauty tool designed to revolutionize your skincare routine. By creating micro-perforations, it stimulates skin regeneration, thus maximizing the benefits on your body, face, and lips. Specially manufactured to provide a complete experience, the dermaroller ensures a visible improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin, promoting its natural repair and renewal process.

For the face: The hyaluronic acid, matcha & tangerine serum is a must-have for radiant skin. It offers the maximum hyaluronic acid that the skin can absorb, which improves hydration & firmness, reduces fine lines & wrinkles in addition to giving a smoothing effect to the face.

For the body: The nourishing silky butter is candy for our skin. It has been specially developed to hydrate, repair and improve the elasticity of the skin. In addition to being effective for dry skin, chapped lips, dehydrated hands, scars and stretch mark prevention, this butter combined with our 3 in 1 dermaroller helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Its *fluffly* texture is pleasant to the touch. It is odorless, suitable for both women and men & compatible with pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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