• Osmoclean - Eau Micellaire

Osmoclean - Eau Micellaire

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Osmoclean - Eau Micellaire

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This 3 in 1 make -up remover water cleans, cleanses and tones the face and eyes. It is the suitable cleaner for all skin types that will clean the skin without irritating it. "The makeup remover that suits all skin types. »


- Makeup, clean, tones
- Can be applied to the face, lips and eyes.
- 3 -in 1
cleansing water
- Remove impurities

user manual

- Apply with a cotton and pass on the face and eyes.
- Do not rinse.

key ingredients

The cellular water certificate boosts the effectiveness of your care. It optimizes the energy environment of cells.

The high tolerance cleaning base that

The Skin Balance System which rebalances the skin ecosystem.

Format: 200ml
Osmoclean - Eau Micellaire