Duo printemps - Extentioniste (Croissance et longueurs)

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Stimulates hair growth

Protects the fiber

Reduces damage

Seals split ends


This spring duo is a perfect set for weakened hair and in search of lengths. This combination of products will strengthen and repair existing hair in order to make it stronger, in addition to stimulating hair growth from the root. All for beautiful lengths.

This spring duo contains:

extension bath

Extension bath is a strengthening shampoo and a strengthening treatment for hair that stimulates the growth of a strong hair from the root. It helps hair push in length, but also to strengthen the hair. This shampoo is suitable for refined and brittle hair and will repair and protect the fiber. The hair is perfectly cleaned and has the ideal environment to reach the desired length.

The extension fondant

The extension fondant is a revitalizing detangling with the creamy and light texture which gently repairs the hair for a mild and easy detangling which protects from the breakage. Enriched with creatine and evil acid, it instantly penetrates the fiber and strengthens lengths. The texture of the hair is visibly improved over the entire length, the fiber is smoothed, coated and repaired with a silky touch. This revitalizing increases the elasticity and resistance of the hair, while rebuilding the hair fiber of brittle hair.

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