Duo printemps - Curl Manifesto (Hydratation et optimisation des boucles)

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Convient aux types 2A à 4C

Sans sulfate, paraben, silicone et huile minérale

Définit, rehausse et donne du rebond aux boucles

Hydrate les fibres sans alourdir

This spring duo is a perfect set to hydrate the curly hair in depth and restore the curls a magnificent rebound. This duo is ideal for those who wish to optimize their natural curls and make them more beautiful than ever!

This spring duo contains ...

Bath Hydration Sweetness

The softness bath of the Curl Manifesto range is a sulfate without sulfate and soft and hydrating silicone. Suitable for wandering, curly, very curly to frizzy hair, this bath cleanses the scalp and hair gently. He permeates the loops of vital hydration without weighing them down in order to enhance the Volume and hair look. Its formula is designed to optimize and enhance natural curls, for a fully assumed curly look! its creamy texture and its delicious odor will seduce you!

The Essential Hydration Fondant

The essential hydration fondant of the Curl Manifesto range is a conditioner that contributes to restoring the hydration of wicks and loops. Its formula is so much suitable for wandering, curly and very curly hair in order to bring a gentle detangling even for the most stubborn nodes. A small quantity is necessary to give your hair the desired result. it permeates the curls with light humidity without weighing down in order to increase the body, the fullness and the Rebound of curls. Its hydration allows curls to have better elasticity, in addition to being brighter and more defined.


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