Cure Apaisante Anti-Inconforts

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Moisturizes dry scalp

Reduces irritation, itching and inflammation

This soothing cure restores the flexibility of the scalp and reduces discloses such as irritation, itching and inflammation. It hydrates the scalp to reduce discomfort and protects it against oxidative stress. It stimulates and promotes a healthy scalp for protected from external aggressions. After 4 weeks, 98% of the volunteers who tested this fresh lotion noted a appeasement of itching and scalp.


- Reduces irritation, itching and inflammation
- Hydrates the dry scalp
- Protects against oxidative stress

user manual

step 1. Apply this treatment 3 times a week for 4 weeks (1 bottle by use).
step 2. Distribute evenly on The scalp, section by section.
Step 3. Massage with your fingertips, then style the hair as usual.
Step 4. Leave Dry the treatment for dry scalp, without rinse.

Format: 12x6ml


Étape 1. Appliquer ce traitement 3 fois par semaine pendant 4 semaines (1 flacon par utilisation).

Étape 2. Répartir uniformément sur le cuir chevelu, section par section.

Étape 3. Masser du bout des doigts, puis coiffer les cheveux comme d'habitude.

Étape 4. Laisser sécher le traitement pour cuir chevelu sec, sans rincer.


- Réduit les irritations, les démangeaisons et l'inflammation

- Hydrate le cuir chevelu sec 

- Protège contre le stress oxydatif


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