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Crème inductrice de jeunesse Age Intelligence

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This all-in-one cream with remarkable anti-aging properties holds its promise to act on the internal structure of the skin in order to give it a youthful appearance. Its patented ingredients target loss of firmness, wrinkles, hyper-pigation and dilated pores. Its velvety texture nourishes mature and demanding skin.


- hides old age spots and pigmentation defects.
- Decreases wrinkles, firmness and dilated pores.
- Combines high concentrations of several ingredients.
- improves the luminosity and uniformity of the complexion.
- helps the skin to offer more resistant and younger skin.
- Revitalizes and refines the skin texture.

user manual

Apply the cream to a clean and cleaned face. Apply to the face, neck and neckline. Apply in circular motion on the face and descending movements on the neck, jaw and neckline.

key ingredients

the stem cell pulse , made from stem cells of culture of the psilanthusisisis coffee plan bengalensis, plumps the skin and fills wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen in the dermis and increasing the thickness of the adipose tissues in the hypodermis.

The RAB27A molecule, which is an activated substance taken from the palmaria palmata alga, makes it possible to prevent the problems of stupigmentation and skin spots to obtain a more uniform complexion.

of arginine /Lysine which is a cocktail of proven amino acids to help the density of the skin and its mechanisms of Self-repair.

of the elastomer which reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and improves the reflection of light to enhance the radiance of the skin.

The Cellactel 2 + Madacassoside complex which are two molecular ingredients which maximize the efficiency of other components. The Cellactel 2 complex stimulates cellular breathing, strengthens the efficiency of metabolism and helps cells preserve their energy.

Format: 50ml


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