• Nourrissante et veloutée, cette crème combine des extraits d'arnica et de calendula pour apaiser et des plantes antirougeurs comme le petit houx, le cyprès et la Centella asiatica pour renforcer la peau et améliorer sa condition. Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50$ - Conseils personnalisés

Crème Aqua-Calm

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Crème Aqua-Calm

Livraison gratuite sur les commandes de 50$ et plus - Politiques de livraison


Nourishing and velvety, this cream combines arnica and calendula extracts to soothe and anti -rusting plants such as small holly, cypress and Centella Asiatica to strengthen the skin and improve its condition. In addition, green pigments create an optical correction without leaving residues, which makes redness less apparent.


- Decreases the appearance of redness.
- The skin is protected thanks to ceramids.
- Helps improve resilience and elasticity.
- Procure Deep hydration.
- without paraben.
- A real soothing and calming care.
- Reinforces the epidermis.

user manual

Apply the cream in the morning and in the evening after oil-in-sérum.

key ingredients

The soothing complex which soothes skin irritations and relieves skin discomforts.

the anti-redness complex which improves skin microcirculation while being soothing and protective. A daily application will allow a unified complexion.

of plant ceramides which strengthen the skin barrier and improve the elasticity of the skin and the rate of hydration of the layers of the skin. << Br>
Biological active extracts of alpine plants which are the essential signature of vital force.

Format: 50ml
Crème Aqua-Calm