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Complexe raffermissant visage Cell Shock

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This intensive serum provides a "lifting effect" visible in just a few minutes! It effectively fades fine lines and gives the skin a firmer and more toned appearance. The formula is enriched with a high concentration of plants and marine assets, as well as the “special urban life” detox complex which protects the skin from environmental pollution and urban stress.


- regenerates the skin.
- Reinforces the collagen fibers of the skin
- improves the shine and the purity of the complexion
- while hydrating, it prevents damage caused by drought
- It protects from urban stress and pollution
- visibly reduces signs of fatigue.

user manual

Apply morning and / or in the evening to the face, neck and neckline. Smooth sparingly and let penetrate before applying the appropriate Cell Shock cream.

key ingredients

The Cellactel 2 complex which helps to revitalize and restore essential skin functions such as the firming and renewal of the skin.

< EM> Macro-enchasulate green unispheres which release vitamins A and E when the serum is applied to the skin.

of marine polysaccharide which offers a Immediate and durable firming effect.

of Polylift ™ which is a botanical tensor. It will form an elastic film on the surface of the skin to smooth wrinkles, fine lines and pores.

of Firmine ™ which is an ingredient that acts on concentration and 'Alignment of collagen fibers. It protects elastin fibers at the same time.

of the Hydrolyzed Lupine protein which avoids drying of the skin and helps the synthesis of proteins. > of the hydrolyzed algine which is anti-inflammatory.

of hyaluronic acid which retains its weight in water up to a thousand times. It will hydrate and plump the skin.

of the Mist 24 ™ which is rich in potassium. It will hydrate the skin immediately and permanently to avoid loss of water during the day.

Format: 30ml


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