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Complexe correcteur lèvres & contour Cell Shock

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This essential of the beauty kit reshapes the skin and fills the fine lines and fine lines of the lip contour. It instantly gives the lips a more luscious appearance, makes them smoother and gives them a better definition. It contains hyaluronic acid to plump, beeswax to protect, arnica extract to soothe and cocoa butter to feed. To apply under makeup during the day and alone at night as anti-aging care.


- provides a global anti-aging solution.
- Nourishing care reinforces the hydration and flexibility of the lips.
- Hydrates the lips by reducing the appearance of fine lines.
-C omble fine lines and fine lines

user manual

- Use a drop of serum on the lips and the outline.
- Apply in the morning and in the evening or at any other moment of the day.
- Leave the product penetrate before applying makeup.

key ingredients

The Cellactel complex which helps to revitalize and restore essential skin functions such as firming and renewal of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid which retains its water weight up to a thousand times. It will hydrate and plump the skin.

The tripePpptide 1 which protects the skin from solar aggressions by slowing glycation and the loss of collagen caused by an overexposure to the unprotected sun. << Br>
of ceramides, beeswax and vitamin E which strengthen and nourish the skin.

sunsing filters UVA and UVB which protect from the sun's rays to prevent premature aging.

Format: 15ml


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