Color Extend Magnetics : traitement et entretien des cheveux colorés

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This routine is perfect for strengthening hair following a coloring in addition to helping to maintain a brilliant color!

Routine benefits

- Reinforces the hair
- Maintains the color
- Formula with low pH
- Give shine and shine

This light and soft shampoo without sulfate for fixed colored hair and treats the color. It is a cleaner that helps to preserve the color.

post-Shampoing Color Extend Magnetics

This revitalizing is designed for colored hair. To optimize product performance, it is good to combine it with the Color Extend Magnetics shampoo! In addition, he repairs, protects and fixes the hair coloring of colored hair.

ONE UNITED Multi-Benéfice Treatment

all-in-one treatment containing 25 benefits for all hair types. This ultra-light detangling treatment offers beneficial treatments for more flexibility, protection and beauty! It revitalizes, strengthens and nourishes hair. So it makes the hair silky to the touch, smooth and shiny. In addition, it protects the hair from heating devices and helps control frizz. It is suitable for colored hair.

1. Revitalize
2. Nourishes
3. Improves flexibility
4. Uniforms porous hair
5. Reduces dehydration
6. Detangle
7. Offer instant results
8. Ideal lotion for haircut
9. Prepares hair with styling
10. Prevents the break
11. Suitable for colored hair
12. Protects against heat
13. Prevents and fights against the forked tips
14. Close the cuticles
15. Suitable for shaded colors
16. Protects from external aggressions
17. Gives a silky finish
18. Makes smoother hair
19. Provides shine
20. Control Frisottis
21. Protects from static electricity
22. Control the rebel locks.
23. Facilitates drying
24. Refresh the stagnates
25. Makes light hair


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