Chroma Absolu : cheveux épais et colorés

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Improves shine and light

Makes the fiber stronger and more resistant

Protects fiber against heat up to 450F

Seals porosity for maximum color retention

This routine is ideal for preserving a brilliant color in addition to strengthening and hydrating the fiber. It fights against the three levels of damage caused by coloring in addition to having excellent anti-frytis action.

it contains:

the rich bain chroma respect

The rich bath chroma respect is a nourishing shampoo that restores hair while working on conservation color. Designed for colored hair, it is still suitable for all hair types that need rehydration and strength. Suitable more to medium to thick hair, it is more moisturizing than the chroma bath respect for the same range.

the chroma filler mask

The Chroma Filler mask is an intense revitalizing treatment for colorful hair. This rich anti-portity fills the porosity from the inside of the fiber in order to strengthen the hair. The mask penetrates in depth to deal with the interior and bring a healthier, softer and brighter color.

chroma gloss acid treatment

Chroma gloss acid treatment is a transparent fluid that turns into rich white milk in the shower to completely resurface the hair against dull minerals. It is a revealer of a bottled sparkle that will restore an incredible and instantaneous shine to the hair. It is suitable for colorful hair as well as those who simply want a shine boost. Its instant effect will amaze you!

the chroma protect serum

The Chroma Protect serum is anti-frytis and antioxidant thermal protection. This essence of white milk without rinsing is rich in antioxidants has an ultra light texture and acts as an excellent detangling. It helps preserve the color by completely protecting the fiber from external aggressions.

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