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Immediate hydration increased by 56%

Softness increased by 58%

Luster improved by 85%.

For medium to thick, very dry hair

The satin 2 bath is a shampoo for dry and sensitized hair. This shampoo provides hydration, flexibility and leaves the hair and soft to the touch. This shampoo is suitable for dry hair and dry scalp. The Protein Bath Shampoo 2 provides nutrition necessary to preserve hydration, allowing hair to remain shiny and soft to the touch.


- Facilitates disentangling
- brings shine, flexibility and softness
- Regenerates dry hair

user manual:

Step 1: Apply the amount equivalent to the size of a 25 sous on wet hair
Step 2 : Flagging from root to the tips.
Step 3: rinse well.
Step 4: make a second shampoo, if necessary

key ingredients

- Iris rhizome extract which protects against oxidation.
- Lipidal agents that optimize shine and improve nutritional performance.
- A mixture of glucose, proteins and lipids that regenerate dry hair.

An exceptional nutrition shampoo that uses the Irisome complex, an in -depth moisturizing agent, to eliminate gentle residues and bring nutrition to hair.

Format: 80ml


      Step 1: Wet hair then remove excess water.

      Step 2: Apply the equivalent of a quarter to several areas of the hair.

      Step 3: Add a little water then lather by massaging the hair with your fingertips.

      Step 4: Rinse well.

      Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4. The second shampoo will clean the entire hair.


      - For very dry hair

      - Enriched with anti-dryness polymers and essential nutrients

      - Provides intense nutrition and strength while remaining lightweight

      - White creamy gel texture

      - Soothes itchy scalp

      - Immediate hydration increased by 56%

      - Extended nutrition for up to 72 hours

      - Softness increased by 58%

      - Luster improved by 85%.

      - Restores volume and shine to hair

      - Improves hydration retention

      - Provides a light and pleasant feeling


      PLANT-ORIGIN PROTEINS: In this protein shampoo, whole grains of wheat, corn and soy act as a food supplement. Mixed with fatty acids, omegas and vitamins, they provide the hair with essential nutrients.

      NIACINAMIDE: It is a vitamin B3 derivative that locks in nutrients, making this niacinamide shampoo capable of strengthening the hair fiber barrier for long-lasting health.

      GLYCERIN: Of plant origin, glycerin reinforces the general moisturizing performance of the formula.


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