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Bain Divalent

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The divalent bath is a balancing and purifying shampoo without silicone. This purifying bath treats the oily roots by regulating the overproduction of sebum. It also treats the hair fiber from lengths to the tips to nourish dry and sensitized tips so that the hair regains softness and shine. The hair at the root becomes greasy less quickly while the lengths remain nourished with the healed fork tips. The rambling bath will also relieve itching from the sensitive scalp.

In general, after a few weeks of use, the hair will become much less greasy, allowing you to space the washes of an additional day.


- Silicone-free
- Ideal for fat roots and sensitized lengths
- Balances sebum production at the root
- Eliminates impurities
- Nourishes lengths and tips
- brings softness and shine
- relieves itching
- gently purifies the scalp to reduce excess sebum and impurities.
- Light white texture and Creamy
-Cleans hair up to 41% plus
-brings 61% more volume
-Makes hair 44% softer

user manual

Step 1: Apply a small amount equivalent to the size of a 25 sous on wet hair.
Step 2: Mush in m assaulting to activate microcirculation.
Step 3: Once the scalp is cleaned, emulsify then wash the lengths.
Step 3: Rinse well.
Step 4: Repeat a second time

Key ingredients

- Calophyllum oil that soothes the scalp thanks to its anti-inflammatory power.
- Piroctone, an antibacterial product and which Reduces itching.
- Glycerin that hydrates the scalp to create a shield against external aggressions.
- Menthol that refreshes the scalp.
- The amino acids, which have a particular affinity with the hair. Identical to keratin, they are therefore easily accepted by hair. They purify the scalp to reduce excess sebum and impurities.
- Vitamin B6, to feed and strengthen fiber.

Format: 250ml
Bain Divalent