Bain Cicaextreme

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Rend les cheveux blonds 87% plus fort

Apporte 65% plus de douceur

The cicaxtreme bath of the absolute blond range offers a revolutionary cure for discolored blonde hair. The cicaxtreme bath is a unctuous and revolutionary cream shampoo which replaces the drying drying of blond hair with a cleaning that hydrates, strengthens and leaves the hair more flexible, light and shiny.

Inspired by the most luxurious skin care products, it is presented in a magnificent container offering a whole new sensory experience in the living room and in the shower. The formula contains 40 times more lipids than a classic shampoo, a real revolution in professional blond hair cleaning that hydrates the hair in depth after discoloration. This cream shampoo nourishes, strengthens and hydrates the hair in depth.

Its rich and creamy texture forms a light and creamy foam in the shower, without weighing down fine hair! Contrary to what one might think, the thicker texture of the bath will still form a beautiful foam as we like it! It leaves a feeling of softness and cleanliness after rinsing, to allow a unique nourishing cleaning experience.


- Makes blond hair 87% stronger
- brings 65% more softness
- Produces a light and creamy foam
- C Ontient 40 times more lipids than a classic shampoo
-Hydrates, strengthens and leaves the hair more flexible, light and brilliant

user manual

1. Take an equivalent quantity to the size of a 25 sous. Despite its thicker texture, you do not need to take a larger quantity than another bath.
2. apply to damp hair and massage to lather.
3. Rinse well and repeat if necessary. If the first foam does not foam enough, it is a sign that your hair needs a second foam.

You can pair it with another bath, like ultra-violet for example

key ingredients

the cicaex bath contains a cocktail of ingredients specially chosen for blond hair. The bath contains a duo of hyaluronic acids containing heavy and light molecules for a double action which penetrates and hydrates in depth in order to restore the natural elasticity and force of the fiber of the hair. In addition, Edelweiss oil protects vulnerable decolory hair from daily damage, so that they remain soft and nourished.

To learn more about the cicaxent range, you can consult this Blog < /A>.
Format: 250ml


1. Prendre une quantité équivalente à la grosseur d'un 25 sous. Malgré sa texture plus épaisse, vous n'avez pas besoin de prendre une plus grande quantité qu'un autre bain.

2. Appliquer sur les cheveux humides et masser pour faire mousser.

3. Bien rincer et répéter au besoin. Si la première mousse ne mousse pas suffisamment, c'est un signe que vos cheveux ont besoin d'une deuxième mousse.

Vous pouvez le jumeler avec un autre bain, comme le Bain Ultra-Violet par exemple


- Rend les cheveux blonds 87% plus forts

- Apporte 65% plus de douceur

- Produit une mousse légère et onctueuse

- Contient 40 fois plus de lipides qu’un shampoing classique

- Hydrate, renforce et laisse les cheveux plus souples, légers et brillants


Le Bain Cicaextreme renferme un cocktail d’ingrédients choisis spécialement pour les cheveux blonds. Le Bain contient un duo d’acides hyaluroniques renfermant des molécules lourdes et légères pour une double action qui pénètre et hydrate en profondeur afin de rétablir l’élasticité et la force naturelles de la fibre des cheveux. De plus, l’huile d’edelweiss protège les cheveux décolorés vulnérables des dommages quotidiens, afin qu’ils demeurent doux et nourris.