Shu Uemura

Ashita Supreme: Revitalizing and exfoliating routine

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This Ashita Supreme set is the ultimate conditioning set to give a boost of shine and softness to hair. These 4 products are inspired by the regenerative virtues of the Japanese Ashitaba plant in order to strengthen, regenerate and repair damage to the hair fiber. This set with the Ashita Supreme scrub is ideal for providing revitalization to both the hair and the scalp.


- Revitalize

- Smoothes hair

- Gives a natural glow

- Makes hair soft to the touch

- Suitable for all hair types

- Inspired by the extraordinary regenerative virtues of the Japanese plant Ashitaba

- Strengthens hair to prevent damage

- Improves hair shine up to 2 times


Ashitaba is an ancestral Japanese plant with extraordinary self-regenerating properties. When the ashitaba stem is sliced, precious golden sap is revealed and in just 24 hours a new leaf appears. The most precious Japanese regenerating ingredient is consciously sourced from the island Hachijyo-jima, known as the place of origin of the ashitaba plant.


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