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Agrumes - Trousse immersive complémentaire

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This complementary immersive kit to add to your bath will bring you energy and revitalization! His aromas of citrus , mixed with the warmth of a hot bath, will take you in a invigorating and energizing atmosphere.

This immersive kit is for ultimate goal to make a bath ritual, that is to say to put one to one all the items and to make a Wish, a request to the universe and take this time for yourself.

The experience

a swinging swinging bath ritual! The happiness of taking a invigorating citrus bath is yes!


- Promotes relaxation and calm
- Made from 100% natural ingredients
- Vegans
- Hydrate Skin and gives it a shine
- Stimulates blood circulation
- Promotes muscle relaxation
- Do not go the bath drain


1. Add one to one all the items by making a wish for this period of relaxation*. Everything goes in the bath, the matches and the Palo Santo. Soy lamps are floating.
2. Light Palo Santo
3. Take advantage of this moment for you
4. Once the bath is finished, quietly pick up the items with your hands, then throw in the trash.
5. Rinse the bath to run the residues. **

*You can separate the items to make more than one bath, if you wish.
** Items, such as the lavender flowers , eucalyptus leaves and other particles will be soft and will in no way block the bath drain. These are biological and biodegradable ingredients therefore safe for the environment.


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