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This ultra versatile essential serum can suit all skin types, for all ages and sexes. Its formula based on prebiotics and probiotics is to rebalance the skin biome, which can be disturbed by very active lifestyle and stress. It reactivates and maintains the different natural mechanisms of the skin, thus making it possible to keep the healthiest and most beautiful skin as possible.


- gives a cooler and younger appearance to the skin.
- A harmonizing treatment that corrects skin imbalances and makes the complexion more radiant.
- Reduces redness.
- Maintains the skin hydration levels, thus fighting against drought and discomfort.
- Regulates too oily or too dry skin.
- Without allergen.
- Vegan.
- Not tested on animals.
- Without parabens.
- Without dyes.

user manual

Apply the essential serum morning and evening in order to obtain better results. Take a small amount in your hands and then apply to the clean facial, neck and neckline skin.

a serum to use throughout the year!

key ingredients

The Actibiome complex, which is a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics, represents a permanent source of nutrients and makes it possible to maintain the balance and diversity of the biome .

of adenosine triphosphate which is a molecule which allows to fight against dermal stress and which helps the skin in its process of repair and energy.

of the Madacassoside , a powerful active derived from Centella Asiatica. It rebalances and helps to renew the skin.

Format: 30ml


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